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We organize excursions - seminars in nature to get acquainted with the world of wild mushrooms. Our aim is to highlight the values ​​of foreging and its benefits by collecting wild mushrooms and truffles. Our excursions offer a unique experience in the rich mushroom locations of Greece. Our team safely collects over 60 species of edible mushrooms, including the exceptional porcini, cantharelles, morels, etc. as well as many species of wild truffle.

Excursion program:

  • Gathering at the meeting point. We have brief presentation from the our guide to participants on mushrooms and truffles, collection and identification instructions and safety rules as well.
  • Hiking in the forest for 2 - 3 hours where the mushrooms and/or truffles are collected with the accompaniment and advice of experienced mushroom hunters. At the same time, a seminar is held where the participants are given the opportunity to learn how to distinguish the different types of mushrooms (eg poisonous, medicinal and edible).
    Truffles are collected with specially trained dogs, which we will meet on the job.
    Note: The walk may consist of short short walks which are adjusted according to the physical condition of the participants. Suitable for ages 5 to 80+.
  • Picnic. In a place of special natural beauty (river, waterfall, etc.) we check all the mushrooms that we have collected for identification. At the same time, our chef prepares delicious dishes (barley, omelette, etc.) based on wild mushrooms and truffle, accompanied by wine and local products.

 Διαθέσιμα πακέτα
  Mushroom & truffle hunting, 1 day  Cost 75 €
Menu includes:
  • Bruschetta with wild garlic oil and Naxos butter with truffle.
  • Omelette with gruyere or pecorino cheese and truffle flakes, on bread.
  • Barley (or risotto) with wild mushrooms and truffle or alternatively Mushroom Soup with trachana and truffle butter.
  • Wine in a bag.

Minimum participants: 20

  Mushroom and truffle hunting Lux, 1 day  Cost 100 €
Menu includes:
  • Bruschettas with truffle butter
  • "Politiki" salad with pickled wild mushrooms
  • Omelette with gruyere or pecorino cheese and truffle flakes on bread or saganaki with aromatic mushroom Golden trumpet - fresh tomato and feta.
  • Aglio e olio pasta with truffle flakes or wild mushroom barley.
  • Black angus picanha, baby potatoes with truffle butter and truffle flakes
  • Wine tasting
  • Crepes with yogurt, sweet mushroom (golden trumpet) and shampoo
Minimum participants: 15

VIP teams: 120 €, upon request
Childern up to 12 years old:  50% discount
For less than 20 participants all prices can be modified accordingly

All prices include VAT 24%

* Excursions are always made depending on the weather conditions and may be modified depending on the fruiting of wild mushrooms.
** The above prices do not include the cost of transportation & overnight. These services can be calculated, by arrangement.

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