Trufle hunting, December 2019

On December 21, the Fungi Hellas team had the honor of hosting an excellent truffle hunt for the Kazakh Ambassador and staff of the Russian Embassy.
The excursion took place in the virgin mountains of the Peloponnese where our guests had the opportunity to taste 5 of the most famous truffles (Magnatum / Melanosporum / Uncinatum / Messentericum / Black Oregon) in special Greek specialties:

1. Cold plate of cheese with pickled vine sprouts and "tsitsiravla" sprouts
2. Sliced ​​bread with basil quail eggs and Tuber Magnatum
3. Beef fillet with parmesan and Tuber Messentericum
4. "Orzoto" with wild mushrooms and Tuber Melanosporum
5. Crepe with strained traditional yogurt, vanilla fir honey and spoon sweet with chandeliers and black trumpets.

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