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The passion for mushrooms is passed on from one generation to the next in the Filippopoulos family. Nektarios owes his love and passion for Greece’s natural beauties and its unique treasures –wild mushrooms, that is- to his father. What started as a charming encounter for Nektarios at first, has developed into a fully-fledged journey of love, devotion and sound knowledge for this mysterious seed of the Greek nature. And after thirty-five years of sheer experience, and countless hours of personal engagement in the collection of mushrooms and truffles, Nektarios is, nowadays, in a position to initiate his own sons and the rest of us to the natural and culinary grandeur of the Greek wild mushrooms and truffles.


Nek img 150x150  Nektarios Filippopoulos is generally acknowledged to be the ‘wild mushroom and truffle specialist’ in Greece

FUNGIHELLAS was founded by Nektarios in 2010 with this exact purpose in mind: to constitute a well-structured and professional bridge, aiming to acquaint us with the fabulous palatial outbursts and diversity of Greece’s wild mushroom and their by-products.
Driven by its passion, experience, expertise and professionalism, has succeeded in doing something that seemed inconceivable a few years ago: to be able to collect and distribute wild Greek mushrooms and truffles to the international and Greek markets, practically throughout the whole year!

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Subject to demand, we collect mushrooms on a weekly basis, so that their freshness is guaranteed. We then apply our quality standards before distributing them to selected restaurants and mushroom-lovers around the world.
We are truly proud of all our customers, whether they are distinguished chefs or gourmet aficionados. We, therefore, take every pain to live up to their expectations by swiftly providing products of supreme quality anywhere they may be requested.
Our dedication and devotion to the highest quality standards of packaging and shipment -every step of the way- put us in the position of the trusted partner who will respond to your immediate needs, whether you are a retailer, a culinary establishment or simply a mushroom fanatic!

We can clearly guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience of supreme calibre..

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