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Tuber Magnatum

The Tuber magnatum or White Precious Truffle requires fertile soils, at an altitude of 200-450 m. Its harvest is done in autumn, several centimeters below the ground, in broadleaf forests mainly oak or hazelnut. It is definitely the most expensive truffle because of the rarity and difficulty of finding it, since it is the only species that is not cultivated, but also the soils where it is encountered are very specific and rare.

It is irregular in shape, lobed, with small grooves, diameter usually 2-6 cm. It has smooth skin and color pale yellow, ocher, beige and sometimes greenish-yellowish.
Its flesh is initially white and has a strong odor that resembles a mixture of garlic and cheese, with an intense and pleasant taste of garlic.

In the kitchen is perfectly combined with fish, risotto, pasta, eggs, light poultry meat, beef and cheese sauces.

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