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Tuber Brumale

The Tuber brumale fructify at an altitude of 200-1000 meters, underground at a depth of 5- 30 cm, on limestone soils and broadleaved forests, mainly hazelnut and lime. The harvest begins on November and ends on March. A variety of truffle widespread in France and Italy, and the Balkans. It usually has the size of a walnut, 1-5 cm and a weight of 30-100 gr, its shape is irregular spherical, sometimes with a flat base, with pyramidal projections, smaller than the Tuber melanosporum, bearing faces 5-6 and tear away easily. Its color is black, sometimes reddish at the base.

The flesh is initially off-white, and gray-blackish in maturity, with thick but sparse branches that do not change color when exposed to air. It has a strong and pleasant aroma reminiscent of wood.

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